Rachel is likely orachelne of the most surprising people in the world. Her calm, quiet, beautiful exterior hardly betrays the real Rachel inside. The real Rachel is a gift to the universe- passionate, curious, analytical, creative, loyal, free spirited, open-mined and courageous. She is quite the inspiration, ready to try anything just for the experience, and is full of love and compassion for every individual she encounters. With such a stack of talents and accomplishments on her side, it is really enough to make you hate her, but you don’t and you couldn’t, even if you tried.

Rachel takes on the world with her whole heart, moving from one continent to the next, acting, teaching, and even working for the UN. Currently, she is taking America by storm on a motorcycle. The woman knows a thing or two about taking chances and looking good while doing it.

Current Home: Bangkok, Thailand

Previous Countries Lived: Australia, Italy, USA

Likes: Most things! But I especially love wine, cheese, yoga, funny laughs, making people feel happy, all things Thai and Japanese

Dislikes: Really cold weather, runny noses, when things get stuck in my teeth and I don’t have a toothpick handy. And meanness.

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