Jennie is strikingly beautiful. That is probably the first impression all people have. But for all those who don’t know her, let me tell you a little secret – her beauty is her least interesting feature. Jennie is mysterious – she keeps her ideas and her feelings hidden from plain view. She is reserved and prefers to listen before making her (always deeply considered and intelligent) perspectives heard. Jennie’s soft, gentle appearance belies an underlying well of courage and strength that has driven her far from her small island hometown of Gotland, Sweden.

Jennie has travelled all over the world on a shoestring budget (she’s really good with money). She’s volunteered in Africa, worked with non-governmental organisations all over the world and even the United Nations in Bangkok. She’s impressive, but she’s also very humble and considerate and because of this, Jennie is an great friend.

Current Home: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Previous Countries Lived: Sweden, UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Rwanda

Likes: Photography, wine and cheese, taking risks, analysing and day dreaming

Dislikes: Group work, waiting, manipulative people, having to touch stuff on public transport

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