Who We Are


Michaelle really is one of a kind. When you first meet her you might think that she’s all talk – she is social and outgoing, loves making new friends and she would be the one to know everyone at the party. She sometimes refers to herself as loud and American, but there is so much more … Continue reading Michaelle


Rachel is likely one of the most surprising people in the world. Her calm, quiet, beautiful exterior hardly betrays the real Rachel inside. The real Rachel is a gift to the universe- passionate, curious, analytical, creative, loyal, free spirited, open-mined and courageous. She is quite the inspiration, ready to try anything just for the experience, … Continue reading Rachel


Jennie is strikingly beautiful. That is probably the first impression all people have. But for all those who don’t know her, let me tell you a little secret – her beauty is her least interesting feature. Jennie is mysterious – she keeps her ideas and her feelings hidden from plain view. She is reserved and … Continue reading Jennie

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