The Experiment

This all began in 2011 when three women crossed paths in Bangkok, Thailand. Our lives have intertwined since, and our friendship has continued via a Facebook thread where we share our stories. On a daily basis we recount our travels, our daily on goings, and our happiest moments. At the same time that we live our dreams, we are also constantly sharing our lessons learned and asking the tough questions, struggling with the same issues that women all over the world constantly face. We decided we had a lot to say and a lot to share.

As a result we decided to create this space so that everyone, no matter what journey they are one, but especially the globe trotters and nomads, could have a space to feel at home. We did not know how much we needed reassurance and empathy until we found it and now we are hoping to spread our support.

We hope you will share your stories with us to and tell us about your journey.


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