Help Me Lose My Mind

Self-reflection is good, but like all good things, balance is necessary. Sometimes, I find myself looking a little too greatly inward. My troubles seem immense, my thoughts far too complicated and my world nonsensical. This song helps me step outside my own messy thoughts and pretend that through connection with others, I’m able to leave my troubled mind behind. Travelling around America on a motorcycle is a liberating experience and I’m embracing this song. While the lyrics are hard to make sense of, this is kick back to the freeing, intoxicating, calming sounds of Help Me Lose My Mind by Disclosure (ft. London Grammar). Enjoy it!

Typhoon – Young Fathers

From a man faced with death at an early age, Kyle Morton, through his music, offers perspectives on ideas such as living on borrowed time, with gratitude, and without regret . The eleven member band from Oregon, USA functions almost as a choir and brings a complex and multidimensional, almost tactile sound. White Lighter, possibly the best album of 2013, ranges from solemn to catchy and does not disappoint.