Josef Salvat – Open Season

London based, Aussie, Singer/Songwriter Josef Salvat has really hit the nail on the head in this dynamic and catchy pop song.

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Lanterns on the Lake

I saw Lanterns on the Lake on a small stage in Stockholm and this song was one of their closing acts. It was January this year, I was with my good friend Malin, it was cold, dark, snowy and melancholic as only Stockholm can be in the winter. I remember feeling so privileged to see them. It was majestic, magnificent and powerful.

You learn fear is just a fleeting thing.

You learn love is not a fleeting thing.


AU- Get Alive

A friend introduced me to this song about two years ago. It remains on my playlist today because it’s exciting, jovial and full of energy. It’s the kind of song that makes you feel like closing down the laptop, running outside and dancing in the rain.


St. Vincent – Digital Witness

St. Vincent is an American born musician who is absolutely oozing with talent. Her highly complex, yet perfectly arranged music is something you should be spending a lot of time with.

This track, digital witness, pokes a bit of fun at our desire to make public our every waking experience. (Clearly we are guilty over here, we have a blog!)


I think I broke something

I think I’ve never encountered such a fitting name for a song before: if you ever broke something that thought you couldn’t live without, I imagine it would feel like this song. Let me take you through the short but intense journey.

First 11 seconds – Denial. “I refuse to believe that this just happened”

12 – 18 seconds – Confusion. “It happened, but I can’t yet grasp what it means”

19 – 35 seconds – Realisation and grief. “I want to pull my heart out”

36 seconds – 1:00 minute – Dwelling and depression. “It hurts so much, I will never heal”

1:01 – 1:29 – Acceptance. “I have to accept that it’s lost”

1:30 – 1:33 – Silence


I don’t know anything about Ryan Vail. Nothing. When you google him the first few hits are images and the blog of a professional distance runner. Somehow, I don’t think this is the same guy.  There is a website, with nothing on it. There is a Facebook page with 3,188 likes. Clearly, Ryan Vail is up and coming. I would like to think I’m in the know and I’m sharing this insider tip with you right now, but finding this song was a complete accident. Either way, I love it and hope you do to.