Thoughts on Nomadic Friendship III

I’m drinking a glass of wine. I’m in bed. I’m in Santa Cruz, California and I’m alone. I’m here for two months working on a film project. After this, it’s off to Spain for a wedding and then Bangkok to see friends. And after that? Not a clue. This really is, as Michaelle says, a nomadic existence and while the idea of living without a permanent address is not for everyone – my mother is a prime example – the experience of living a modern day nomadic lifestyle can also be extremely rewarding. Continue reading

Fear No More

I used to be scared of the future. No, that’s not true, I used to be absolutely terrified of the future and the prospect of it not panning out the way I had imagined. Well, surprise surprise, one day my world was turned upside down (as it is for most people more than a few times in life) and of course I was distraught. Terribly so. For a while. Until I realised that was the best thing that ever happened to me. Continue reading

I Call Bullshit: Stereotypes in Relationships

I date a lot, and, as a woman, I am pretty sensitive to the stereotypes men attribute to women regarding their behaviour in relationships. You see it time and time again, it pops up on the front page of my yahoo account almost daily (yes I still have a yahoo account), it is on the cover of magazines, in blogs, etc etc. You know what I am talking about – ’10 Dating Mistakes Most Women Make’ and ‘Behaviour That Frustrates Men’. They might as well read, “Hey you, with the vagina, stop screwing everything up or you will be alone forever”.

Continue reading