Fear No More

I used to be scared of the future. No, that’s not true, I used to be absolutely terrified of the future and the prospect of it not panning out the way I had imagined. Well, surprise surprise, one day my world was turned upside down (as it is for most people more than a few times in life) and of course I was distraught. Terribly so. For a while. Until I realised that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Although it was a good thing for several reasons, I will in this post focus on the change in mindset that completely (well, close enough anyway) freed me from fear of the future.

Here’s what you do:

#1 Trust that you’re doing everything you can today to make your future the best possible place.  If you trust yourself and know that you’re working hard to achieve your goals on a daily basis, then you’re A OK.  The rest is out of your control (see point 2). This actually requires you to work hard though, but also balancing work with fun. If you don’t have fun today, then it’s easy to predict that your future will be pretty shitty with all those meaningless memories of all that time you wasted.

#2 Let go of what you can’t control. There is absolutely NO POINT in worrying about things you can’t control. Just. Let. Go. If you do point 1 you can feel good about yourself despite any potential looming doom.

#3 Embrace what happens to you. Do you feel like things happen TO you. That things are done TO you? The looming doom arrived, go figure. Well, a lot of shit is bound to come your way and when it does, you just have to embrace it for what it is: a part of life. It won’t be fun, things might suck for a while, but trust that you will be a better person at the end of it. Seize the opportunity to learn, change and grow (which will actually happen whether you want it or not so you might as well go with it).

#4 Enjoy other people. The best way to enjoy the now is to open up and let other people in. You will be amazed by the love and acceptance that you’re greeted with. Throw yourself into the unknown, make new friends. You will never regret it.

#5 Jump out of an airplane. This one is completely optional, just felt like there should be a number five for the sake of making it a nice list.

In all honesty though, this is what I did and continue to do (although jumping out of an airplane might be a one off thing), and it works amazingly. Wow, am I a brand new and much happier person for it.



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