Thoughts on Nomadic Friendship II

“You’re never alone,” Rachel wrote to me last night. She didn’t need to say it, because I already knew. The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to check my FB messages. I know there will be something there waiting for me, normally there is a little red notification saying “99+”, which means I have more than 99 messages from Rachel and Michaelle. It’s an ongoing conversation about life, love, happiness and friendship – it makes me laugh and cry and always offers much needed perspectives.

I never expected to have friendship like this  – never knew it was even possible. Although we all live different lives and rarely see each other, we have more in common than most. We all understand the pressures of having a nomadic lifestyle, rarely seeing family or old friends from home, and we are extremely similar in our concerns, challenges, needs and wants. We have become family and it’s an inexplicable feeling knowing that we will have this for life, “until we’re so old we don’t recognise each other”, as Michaelle put it this morning.

Our friendship is thriving on a distance, because we have so much to share from our different daily lives. Rachel riding motorbikes and meeting famous people in California, Michaelle spending all her time with refugees in Bangkok, and me doing god-knows-what (but having lots of fun doing so) in Rwanda.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world and it has change my perspective on life completely. Friendship is everything and every day it makes me a better person.


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