A Quick Intro…

2012 The Dubliner - Bangkok, Thailand

2012 The Dubliner – Bangkok, Thailand

Although the purpose of this blog is not to talk about us, I wanted to give you an idea of how our friendship came to be.

Jennie, Rachel and I have been friends for a while now. In the international nomad scheme of things, we have been friends for 7 lifetimes. I met Jennie in April 2010, but got to know her after sending a random text message to her in June of the same year. While en route to Bangkok from the Cambodian border on a visa run, I wanted to let her know I was there for her. We did not know one another very well, but she was having a rough time and I told her, if she needed anything at all, and I meant it, anything at all (a place to stay, a person to talk to, whatever!) I was there. I will never forget her response:

“What a lovely message, thank you so much. I just wish I knew who sent me such a lovely message, since I don’t have your number saved.”

I laughed to myself and was very embarrassed. See, I have this tendency to be a bit full on and very impetuous. Jennie, on the other hand, has a tendency to avoid people like me. In fact, I have seen her run from them. But in times of struggle, beggars cannot be choosers, and a friendship was born. Soon after, she left Bangkok, but our deep bond remained firm.

Now, Rachel. I first came to know of Rachel’s existence in Bangkok in late Summer/ early Autumn 2010. My boyfriend at the time came home at 4 a.m. from a bar in Bangkok called Wongs. Still buzzing from the evening, upon arrival, he began excitedly showing me pictures of the night’s events. I was looking through a group shot and spotted her, smiling her beautiful smile, also just so happening to be standing next to my ex. “Who is that?” I asked. “Oh that is Rachel, a friend of Nick’s,” he responded. “I have never heard of her,” I said, but what I was thinking was, “That Bitch!”


Oh, my mature, 26 year-old self. If I only knew what a wonderful person she was and that she would end up being one of my best friends in the world. I ended up meeting her at a house warming party soon after and pretty much loved her instantly. I felt like my bold behaviour shocked her a bit, but she warmed to me eventually.

On my last day in Bangkok, October 2011, when I was moving to Kathmandu, Jennie moved back to Bangkok to take over my job at a UN agency where I was working. It just so happened that Rachel and I became colleagues many months after we first met, and we sat right next to one another.

Jennie moved into my spot, my job and my apartment, and I took off for Nepal. She and Rachel became close in my absence. Since, they have both left Bangkok, Jennie in Kigali, Rachel in the US. Of course, after they left, I returned. The three of us are rarely ever in the same city or the same country at the same time, but we run into each other now and again. Most of the time it is random, mostly unplanned, and it is always too short, but we make do.

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